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Baldız Sikiş Porno Altyazılı | Aiden Ashley – Nuru Massage

Son zamanlarda karısıyla sorunlar yaşayan Alex, Nuru Masaj Salonunda çalışan baldızının yanına gider. Ona problemlerinden bahseder ve kendine gelmek için Nuru masaj yaptırmak istediğini söyler. Baldızı Aiden da ona masöz arkadaşını hemen çağıracağını söyler. Fakat Alex, başkasından değil, bizzat baldızından Nuru masaj yapasını ister. Sarışın baldızı başta buna karşı çıkıp ablasına söylemekle tehdit etse de sonrasında kendi de ikna olur! HD Türkçe altyazılı baldız sikiş porno izle.

A Nice Gesture

Alex Legend, the husband of Aiden Ashley’s sibling, unexpectedly arrives at Aiden’s house, needing to ask for a favor. Alex reveals that he’s trying to treat his wife to something nice to cheer her up but is having trouble because the couple’s recently been laid off. He asks if Aiden – who is a masseuse – will give his wife a massage. Aiden initially refuses,saying that she doesn’t massage family members. Alex insists he can’t go to another masseuse since he’s broke and doesn’t want anyone else to know about their financial hardship. Aiden is still hesitant, but Alex is desperate and convinces her to massage HIM as a test.

Aiden asks him to strip down. They both easilystrip down and Alex lays down on the mattress. Aiden rubs oil on herself and Alex and begins the massage, body sliding on him. Alex seems pleased, giving her sincere compliments about her technique. He is enjoying it but is clearly even more excited about what good it’ll do for his wife. Aiden’s reservations are broken down even more by his sincerity as she becomes more comfortable with the massage. Watch free HD Turkish subtiitled baldız sikiş porno.

Alex eventually starts to squirm and look more shy, trying to hide an erection. Aiden sees this and can’t help but to become aroused herself. In the heat of the moment, Aiden offers to give Alex a happy ending to help him relax, sliding her hands around his hard cock. Alex wanted to treat his wife to something nice, but HE’S the one who ended up getting the treat!

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